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Welcome to our website dedicated to the ancient art of Kung Fu! Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or a curious beginner, our platform is your gateway to the world of martial arts excellence. Rooted in centuries of tradition and philosophy, Kung Fu offers not only physical mastery but also mental discipline and spiritual growth.

At Charleston Kungfu Arnis Academy, we are passionate about sharing the profound teachings and techniques of Kung Fu with enthusiasts worldwide. Our experienced instructors bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every class, ensuring that each student receives personalized guidance on their journey toward self-improvement and empowerment.

Through our website, you'll discover a variety of Kung Fu classes tailored to different skill levels and interests. From the graceful movements of Tai Chi to the dynamic strikes of Shaolin Kung Fu, there's something for everyone to explore and learn.

Join our community today and embark on a transformative adventure that will challenge your body, sharpen your mind, and awaken your spirit. Experience the beauty and power of Kung Fu with us, and unlock your full potential on the path to martial arts mastery.

Shaolin Kungfu

Shaolin Kung Fu: This is perhaps the most famous aspect of Shaolin tradition. Shaolin monks developed their unique style of martial arts as a means of self-defense, physical exercise, and spiritual cultivation. The movements are often graceful yet powerful, emphasizing balance, agility, and strength.

Buddhist Influence: Shaolin tradition is closely intertwined with Buddhism. The Shaolin Temple, located in Henan Province, China, was founded in the 5th century by the Indian monk Bodhidharma, who brought Zen Buddhism to China. Meditation and Buddhist teachings are central to the training of Shaolin monks.

Qigong and Internal Training: In addition to external martial arts training, Shaolin monks also practice qigong (pronounced "chee-gong"), which involves breathing exercises, meditation, and movements designed to cultivate and balance the body's internal energy (qi or chi).

Cultural Heritage: Shaolin tradition encompasses not only martial arts and spirituality but also a rich cultural heritage. This includes calligraphy, poetry, traditional Chinese medicine, and various forms of artistic expression.

Discipline and Respect: Shaolin training emphasizes discipline, respect for one's teachers and fellow practitioners, and humility. Students undergo rigorous physical and mental training to develop their skills and character.

Weaponry: Shaolin martial arts encompass a wide array of traditional Chinese weapons, including staffs, swords, spears, and many others. Training with these weapons requires precision, coordination, and mastery of techniques.

Legendary Stories and Folklore: Over the centuries, Shaolin tradition has become surrounded by numerous legendary stories and folklore, often depicting the incredible feats of Shaolin monks in both combat and spiritual endeavors.

Community and Brotherhood: Shaolin practitioners often form close-knit communities, supporting each other in their training and spiritual journeys. The bond between disciples and their masters is particularly strong, with the master serving as a guide and mentor.

These traditions have been passed down through generations, evolving and adapting over time while still retaining their core principles and values.



Modern Arnis

Filipino Stick and Knife Training

Welcome to our exploration of Modern Arnis, a dynamic and versatile Filipino martial art that embodies the rich cultural heritage and practical combat techniques of the Philippines. Spearheaded by the legendary Grandmaster Remy Presas, Modern Arnis has gained international acclaim for its effective blend of traditional weaponry, empty-hand techniques, and strategic principles.

Modern Arnis traces its roots to the indigenous martial arts of the Philippines, where ancient warriors developed sophisticated fighting methods to defend their communities and uphold their way of life. Over centuries of evolution, these arts were refined and systematized into what we now know as Modern Arnis, thanks in large part to the pioneering efforts of Grandmaster Remy Presas.

At the heart of Modern Arnis is the concept of "flowing with the force," a philosophy that emphasizes adaptability, fluidity, and efficiency in combat. Practitioners learn to seamlessly transition between offensive and defensive movements, utilizing a wide array of traditional Filipino weapons such as the stick, knife, and sword, as well as empty-hand techniques like joint locks and grappling.

What sets Modern Arnis apart is its emphasis on practicality and innovation. Grandmaster Remy Presas revolutionized Filipino martial arts by introducing standardized training methods and curriculum, making Modern Arnis accessible to practitioners of all levels and backgrounds. His vision of "Arnis for everyone" has led to the spread of Modern Arnis across the globe, empowering countless individuals with the skills and confidence to protect themselves and others.

Whether you're a seasoned martial artist looking to expand your repertoire or a novice seeking to explore the rich tapestry of Filipino martial arts, our website is your gateway to the world of Modern Arnis. Join us as we honor the legacy of Grandmaster Remy Presas and delve into the dynamic techniques, practical applications, and timeless wisdom of this remarkable martial art.


Easy to know and use self-defense that works!

Welcome to our platform dedicated to personal self-defense and the transformative power of martial arts training, with a focus on the time-honored disciplines of Kung Fu and Arnis. In an era where personal safety is paramount, the knowledge and skills gained through martial arts practice have never been more relevant or empowering.

In today's world, being able to protect oneself and loved ones is not just a luxury but a necessity. Whether faced with physical confrontations, street altercations, or unexpected threats, the ability to defend oneself effectively can mean the difference between safety and harm. This is where martial arts training shines brightest, offering practical solutions rooted in centuries of wisdom and experience.

Kung Fu, with its diverse array of styles and techniques, provides practitioners with a comprehensive toolkit for self-defense. From the fluid movements of Tai Chi to the explosive strikes of Shaolin Kung Fu, Kung Fu training cultivates agility, strength, and mental acuity, empowering individuals to navigate dangerous situations with confidence and grace.

Similarly, Arnis, the Filipino martial art known for its efficient use of weaponry and close-quarters combat, offers practical solutions for self-defense in real-world scenarios. With its emphasis on adaptability and improvisation, Arnis equips practitioners with the skills to defend against armed and unarmed assailants alike, making it an invaluable asset for personal safety.

But beyond the physical techniques, martial arts training instills invaluable qualities that are essential for self-defense and personal empowerment. Discipline, focus, resilience, and self-confidence are just a few of the virtues cultivated through diligent practice, empowering individuals to face challenges with courage and composure both inside and outside the dojo.

Through our platform, we aim to promote awareness of the importance of personal self-defense and the effectiveness of martial arts training, particularly in the realms of Kung Fu and Arnis. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or a curious beginner, we invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, unlocking the potential within you to defend yourself and live life fearlessly.

Tai Chi

Balance, hand-eye co-ordination and energy production. 

The Ancient Arts

Grand Ultimate Fist!

Millions do it daily.

Welcome to our exploration of Tai Chi Chuan, the ancient Chinese martial art renowned for its graceful movements, profound health benefits, and spiritual cultivation. Originating in China centuries ago, Tai Chi Chuan has captured the hearts and minds of millions around the world, becoming the exercise of choice for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Mind, Body and Spirit!

At its core, Tai Chi Chuan is a holistic practice that harmonizes mind, body, and spirit. Through a series of slow, flowing movements, practitioners cultivate balance, flexibility, and strength, while simultaneously calming the mind and reducing stress. This unique combination of physical exercise and mindfulness makes Tai Chi Chuan a powerful tool for enhancing overall well-being and vitality.


Photos of some of our instructors


About Mr. Furr

About your instructor:

Clinet Furr and the other Master Instructors in The International Kungfu Arnis Association are ranked in the top 1% of martial arts instructors nationwide and overseas.

Clinet has been honored with an induction into the Filipino Martial Arts Hall of Fame. His school was recognized by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance and Black Belt Magazines as one of the best in the U.S. Since 1992, he has trained over 1000 students, including celebrities, military and law enforcement officers. His expertise is unparalleled in the field of authentic martial arts. He has advanced rankings in Sil-lum Kungfu, Shotokan Karate, Modern Arnis, Praying Mantis Sasamba, Tai Chi Chuan, and Aiki Jujutsu

Although recognized for his achievements, nothing would have been possible without his teachers for all the knowledge he gained was because he trained with these Grandmasters (GM)...... 

GM Rick Ward and Joe Lewis (World  Heavyweight Karate Champion), GM Remy Presas (Black Belt Hall of Fame), GM Norman Pedelahore (Lung Shao Pi), GM Ruby Gaudiosa (Arnis), GM Wally Jay (Jujitsu), GM  David Cash (Shaolin Kungfu), GM Eugene Humesky (TKD), Gm George Dillman and GM Bobby Tobaoda (Arnis)

 Here are locations and Links to our other schools.

Blue Ridge Kung Fu Arnis Academy - International Headquarters School

Grandmaster Rick Ward - ​Boone, NC - On Facebook @BlueRidgeKungFu

​Blue Ridge Kung Fu Arnis Academy - Winston-Salem, NC

Charleston Kung-fu Arnis Academy - Website or Facebook

Master Eric Marks - www.blueridgekungfu.com

​Foothills Kung Fu Arnis Academy - Wilkesboro, NC

Master Jason McGuire - www.foothillskungfu.com

Ashe Kung Fu - West Jefferson, NC

​Master Adam Kahn - ashekungfu@gmail.com

​Triangle Kung Fu Arnis Academy - Raleigh, NC

Sifu David Ng - www.kungfuarnis.com

Mid-South Kung Fu Arnis Academy - New Albany MS

Sifu Thanos Kalemeris - www.midsouthkungfu.weebly.com

Blue Ridge Kung Fu Arnis Academy Blog

Grandmaster Chris Laing - www.blueridgekungfuarnisacademy.wordpress.com

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